Some input on a 2000pt list

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Some input on a 2000pt list

Post by TeamAlice on Sat Sep 08, 2012 5:48 am

Hey guys, just wondering if i can get a little feedback on a list that i made up. Its not highly competitive just a bit of fun to play with friends more than anything.

HQ - Draigo
T - 5x Paladins \ Banner, 1MC Hammer, 3 Halberds, 1 Incinerator, 1 Psycannon
HS - Land Raider Redeemer \ Multi-Melta, Psyflame Ammo
These guys will use Draigos powers to Outflank and penetrate deep into enemy deployment and just hurt everything

HQ - Crowe
T - 10x Purifiers \ 1MC+DW Hammer, 1 Hammer, 1 Incinerator, 7 Halberds
FA - Stormraven \ Hurricane Sponsons
Fly on, unleash hell, then next turn assault there largest unit unless its already deemed to be Paladin food

HS - Dreadknight \ Heavy Incinerator, Greatsword
Hes just being a pain in the ass wherever he goes doing his thing and taking names, can also be swapped out for a Purgitation Squad with 4 Psycannons??? Boom boom

HS - Rifleman Drednought
Anti Tank/Vehicle/Flyer

E - Vindicare Assassin
Used to knock ++ saves off chracters and pick out vehicles/models that are being a pain in the ass (plasma cannons etc)

What do you guys think???

Personally i like the idea that a small force like this could exist in 40k, its not just 40 purifiers in razorbacks with 6 rifleman dreds being dicks and leaving me with nobody to play with. There is a lot of things that it can do. It has a lot of punch, but is still fairly well rounded to deal with anything. Well thats what i think anyway but then I\'ve only been playing for 6 months hahaha Smile


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Re: Some input on a 2000pt list

Post by Meizei on Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:58 am

To begin with, I know you said you liked the concept of a small force, but it makes this list unplayable in objective games, it could only play killpoints game.

Everything in this army is very high cost, and thus is a huge loss. You will start with very few stuff on the board considering your Purifiers are in the StormRaven (Which HAS to arrive from the Reserves since 6th Edition), which leaves you with your 5 paladins, draigo, a land Raider, 1 Dread, 1DK and your assassins. Considering your Dreadknights have no teleporter, it will be very risky having them on the board early. They might just get kited.

The Other detail also is that, since there are so very few targets, Heavy weaponry will target the land Raider very quickly. You will have to move flatout if you want a chance to deliver your paladins to battle against the ennemy, which cuts out the use of any weaponry. + you have no ranged Anti-armor except the Vindicare Assassin and the Dreadnought in the early game, which will give you a very hard time getting the ennemy out of his own vehicles. You will need to move slower with your landraider to use his multi-melta and psyflames, and then again you have to reach your ennemy. If your Land raider gets blown up or immobilized, Paladins will have to walk the field while being targetted by heavy weaponry which will test their 5++ save. I've often seen my Landraiders being immoblized or wrecked on first turn by imperials, to then recieve a Huge S8+ Pa2- on them, blowing up 75% of the troop (s8 and + instakills Paladins :/ ) . It hurts, and it makes any GreyKnight Player sad. You need to think about smaller, less costy and more mobile units so you can be efficient in any game mode!


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