1900 "long range" list

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1900 "long range" list

Post by Newtpow on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:47 am

Hi again Smile

Got another list for u for laughs or maybe some good ideas... Wink

Libby - shrouding, warp rift

Techmarine - conversion beamer, smoke nades
Vindicare Assasine

3 * GKSS - psycannon + Rb with HB and psyammo
1* GKSS - psycannon + Rb with tl Lascannon

10 GKIS - 2 psycannons, 2 hammer, justicar with halberd

3 * Psyrifledread

Aegis Defence line with quadgun

You ve 7 vehicles with heavy weapons + vindicare + conversion beamer + quadgun in 2+ cover.
Libby will use the Quadgun. Everything stays in the ride. IS in reserve or behind the firing line.
Shoot everything to death and advance on turn 4 or 5 for objective taking. You ve RB and IS with shunt move for quick attack moves.
I dont know the super competitive lists but where i play this would bring some headache Very Happy

Ideas , comments ?


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Re: 1900 "long range" list

Post by itsuperslug on Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:16 am

are the SS's 10 man? if so drop 1 down to5 man and take an OXI with conv beamer.

If not 10 man then might want to change something else though to free up the points if 'long range' is wanted?


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