600 Point Purifier List

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600 Point Purifier List

Post by JusticarJ on Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:24 am

I am looking for comments on the below list, I comes out at exactly 600 points:-




1 X 10 Purifiers (3 Psycannons. 1 Incinerator, 3 Halberds, 2 Swords, 1 Deamon Hammer, Psybolt Ammunition)
1 X 5 Terminators (3 Swords, 2 Halberds, 1 Master Crafted Daemon Hammer, Pysliencer, Pysbolt Ammunition)

Purifiers will use combat squad and the 3 pyscannons will sit on my objective.


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Re: 600 Point Purifier List

Post by Slind on Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:58 am

I have few comments, but most of them are circumstantial, so just take them as input for future lists.

- I think that the Crowe-tax is a bit too steep to pay at this point level. He eats 20-25% of your points, and with the new CC-rules, he is even harder than before to earn back.
- Purifiers are GREAT, but it just feels wrong to use them as objective huggers. Instead I would go for the cheaper GKSS and then you wont have to pay for crowe.
- Alternatively if you do not want to be without the massive fire base, you could go for a 160 point Purguation Squad instead of Crowe.
- While Psilencers are a better in 6th than they were in 5th, I still think that on ordinary Terminators, the PsyCanon is better. And in small games where your units need to do multiple things at once, the PsyCanon is better. Save the Psilencers for Paladins or Purguators in 1500+ point games.
- PsyBolts are generally speaking a bad investment, unless you have 5+ stormbolters in the unit, so I would drop them for the Terminators
- Finally, with the new Psycics, I think that a cheap Inquisitor with Prescience (Divination) is one of the best HQs in our book - especially at low point levels.

A revised list might look like this (Adjust wargear to hit 600 exactly):

Inquisitor in Power Armour and Prescience

10 GKSS (2 PsyCanons, Hammer, Halberd for Justicar, PsyBolts)
5 Terminators (PsyCanon, Hammer, 2 Halberds)

5 Purguators (3 PsyCanons)

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