GK vs. Necrons 2000 points

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GK vs. Necrons 2000 points

Post by Dark Bjoern on Tue May 29, 2012 10:34 pm

It has been a long time since my last real match. So i was happy to find an opponent for a 2000 points game.

It was a very funny and exciting match to last. I enjoyed it very much even that i lost at the end. But it was a close score for my opponent.

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: along the long edge

My list:
Grand Master Mordrak
5 Ghost Knights
mastercrafted halbert, Might of Titan, Sanctuary, the Shrouding, Warp Rift.
he was attached to Mordrak and his Ghost Knights

10 Purifiers
10 Halberts, psybolt ammo
sitting in the Strom Raven
venerable Dreadnought
Assault cannon, DCCW with heavy flamer

5 Terminators
Hammer, 4 Halberts, Psycannon
5 Terminators
Hammer, 4 Halberts, Psycannon


Nemesis Dreadknight
Longsword, heavy Incinnerator, PT

My opponents list (as far as i remember but i donīt know what options he had choosen)

Overlord on Catacomb command barge
Royal court
3 lords
3 Cryptec
the lords had been attached to the troop choises

2 Triarch Stalker
(one with the melta thing)

10 Immortals
16 Warriors
16 Warriors

2x3 Canoptec Wraiths

Doomsday Ark

My opponent stole the ini

Necrons 1st turn:
Nothing happend. He moved his units forward but was out of range with his weapons. He missed the test for terrain for the mono and so it became immobilised.

GK 1st turn:
Mordrak appeared near one of his warrior units. The libbi released his Warp rift and 9 of those brainless automats died. The SR moved 24" flat to support Mordark. His TLAC killed 4 Immortals. The NDK jumped also forward to the SR and killed the lord and the other 6 Imortals with his heavy Incinnerator. A successful first round.

Necrons 2nd turn:
The Overlord decided that Mordrak was a too powerful enemy so he has to die first. The first Stalker opened fire and killed one Ghostknight. All Warriors, the Mono and the Ark with its side weapons fired also on the Grand Master. The libby lost one wound, Mordrak got two wound and 3 Ghostknights died. For the to wounds on Mardrak i got two new Ghostknights. The Wraiths killed the NDK.

GK 2nd turn:
The loose of my NDK was a drawback but only a small one. Squad Mordark changed their direction to meet the second warrior unit. They killed eight of them. The SR deployed the Purifiers and the ven dread to deal with the other Warrior unit and one of the Stalkers. The Purifiers cut easyly throught the warriors and killed them to the last. The ven dread aimed with his AC at the Stalker and ripped it appart with a hail of mass reactiv shells (four!!! penetrating hits). The SR archieved two penetrating hits on the doomsday ark, immobilising it and destroyed the big gun.

Necrons 3rd turn:
The Overlords left his barge to deal with the SR on foot. He destroyed it with his evil staff. The Wraiths killed one of my Terminator squads, that i both left a bit behind. I hoped to devide my opponets army a bit and that both squads can deal with whatever reached them. But we know Lady Luck is a bitch. What Mardrak and the purifiers get handled both terminator squad failed dearly. Not a single wraith died. The Overlordīs barge shot in the rear of my ven dread destroyed the AC and immobilised him. I also lost the last Ghostknights. The second Stalker attacked the Purifiers in CC but did nothing.

GK 3rd turn:
The librarian left squad Mordrak to deal alone with the last warriors from the last warrior squad. Mordrak made his way to meet the barge in CC. The second terminator squad fired on the wraiths and inflicted one wound. In CC it became interesting. The trap for the second stalker sprung. The Libbi casted Might of Titan on the purifiers and together with Hammerhand they ripped the giant stalker to pieces. Mordrak brought the barge down and the libbi still fought with the warriors.

Necrons 4th turn:
The Overlord decided that the libbi is a greater threat then Mordrak so he moved closer to join the CC. Big mistake. The libbi finished him and he failed his reanimation throw. The mono fired at Mordrak but his Iron Halo saved his arse. The Wraiths killed the second terminator squad without any looses.

GK 4th turn:
The Purifiers shot the remaining Royal Court (the Cryptecs) into pieces while Mordrak moved in for the killing blow on the Doomsday ark. The libby killed another two warriors.

Necrons 5th turn:
The mono hit with the big template and killed all remainig Purifiers. Mordrak died also throught the monoīs other weapons. The libbi killed another 2 warriors in CC but in return was killed by the remaining five warriors.

GK 5th turn:
All i had left was an immobilized ven dread without his AC and six wraiths that had been one turn away. It depended on the throw for a sixth turn. If we have no sixth turn i had won with 8:7 killpoints, otherwise i have lost.

To my bad we got the sixth turn. it was a complete annihilation on my GK. But it was a good match.
Dark Bjoern
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Re: GK vs. Necrons 2000 points

Post by Rivan on Wed May 30, 2012 8:31 am

Very close match indeed. Good report Brother!

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