600 point GW Saturday list

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600 point GW Saturday list

Post by Tombomb7 on Mon May 28, 2012 9:59 am

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (Power Armour, Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Psycostroke Grenades)
GK Strike Squads x2 (x5 man, 1 Psycannon) (x5 man, 1 Psycannon)
Dreadknight (Heavy Incinerator)
Dreadnought (x2TL AutoCannons, Psybolt Ammo)

Vs Necrons (Battlebarge(?), Tesla Weapon, 2 Tesla warrior squads x10 men in each, lord with resurection orb and warscyth)

2x2 playing area, so was small.
Was against s store staff member, force hadn't been whipped as it was before.
Dreadnought easily dealt with the battlebarge thing once it shrugged off it's attacks (thank you fortitude).

+ Dreadknight (particularly on a small table) was simple awesome and I have him to thank for the win.
+ Inquisitor is such a cheap HQ and imo for low points games more worth it than a brotherhood champion.

- The two strike squads were again pretty useless for me and were wiped out pretty easily.
- Inquisitor lacked killing power in close combat.
- Was over reliant on the Dreadknight.

Things I learned:
- I need to use striker squads better. I should have moved them forward so they could get into CC with power weapons, necron tesla weapons decimated them. I am now wondering about the trade off of the psycannons ability to shoot against moving the squad, currently I remain stationary to shoot.
- The dreadknight saved the day, I threw him into CC with the lords squad and although reduced to 1 wounds after both necrons squads and the lord attacked him over 3/4 turns I would have lost easily without him.
- I forgot to use the psycostroke grenades.
- I should have moved the dreadnought forward and out of cover once I'd destroyer the necron vehicle. That way it could have been in CC a turn earlier.
- Don't be afraid to advance more, Grey knight squads have power weapons and would have been more effective in CC with those necrons where they can't use their potent tesla guns.
- Necron shooting is powerful in numbers especially that tesla weapon.
- Focus fire on a squad of necrons so they can't ressurect instead of firing at both squads.
- Kill the necron lord first, he's got the dangerous weapon, and the orb.

I did win 4-2 on kill points since both his necron squads ran away by the final turn and the lord had been killed. I was left with my HQ, dreadknight on 1 wound (had to make 3 saves to keep him up) and the dreadnought.

Thanks for reading, and comments are welcome Smile


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