750pts GK vs. Necrons

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750pts GK vs. Necrons

Post by stormknight on Fri May 25, 2012 4:12 pm

Hello brothers,

This is my first battle without borrowing models. Very Happy

My list:

Henchmen: 2 Jokaero, 3 meltagun, 4 acolytes with boltguns

Brotherhood champion
Henchmen: 9 Death Cult assassins, 3 crusader

Grey Knights x 10
Pysbolts, 3 Halberds

Necron list

Carnotek (forgeworld model)
I know this is toughness 7 with a 3+ armour save and has 5 wounds.



2 x 10man necron warriors

I knew the monolith will be a huge problem so I played accordingly.

The mission was capture and control.
The deployment was opposite corners.

We deployed objectives in our ruins/barricades in our table quarters.

He deployed on the top right side behind barricades with both necron units and a overlord. His other units in reserve.

I deployed in the ruins on my table edge with coteaz and shooty henchmen. My brotherhood champion and henchmen were to the right and my Strike squad to the left.

I rolled penetrating ammunition. Cool beans.
I rolled and failed to seize, re-rolled and seized the iniative.

I moved my champion unit into the terrain in the middle of the bored using run.
I moved the Gk and shot them and coteaz's unit at the necron unit closet to, with the attached overlord, downing 5.

None of his warriors got back up also passed leadership test. He moved the unit towards henchmen but was out of range for rapid fire. The other henchmen unit shot the henchmen but I passed my cover and stormshield save.

Turn 2
I then moved closer with my champion unit retaining 50% in cover. My grey knights cast warp quake. And formed a large curved line giving space between each model.
Coteaz took some more shots along with the grey knights killing 3 from the overlord unit and 1 from the other unit.

He rolled for reserves and the monolith came down near my Death cults and then scattered towards my quarter and within 12" of Coteaz and my Justicar from the strike unit. He rolled on the mishap table scoring misplaced. I replaced him almost on top of my objective next to coteaz and his unit.

I shot my multi-meltas and meltaguns making it explode everywhere but none of my guys died.

He then rapid fired my champion unit killing about 4 or 5.

Turn 3
My strike squad moved into a triangular formation moving closer towards the enemy objective.
My champion unit moved out of cover close to the overlord unit.
Coteaz and the strike squad opened up on necron unit on the objective killing 2.
Champion and unit charged killing the 2 necron warriors and overlord easily.

He fails his reserve roll.

His necron unit holding the objective rapid fired the champion unit killing 4 more leaving all but 4 henchmen and champion. Champion runs away on double 6 lmao.

Turn 4
My champion unit auto regroup and move 3" and run. My Grey Knight move closer to his objective. Coteaz and the grey knights do some damage to the necron warriors but they hold on double 1 xD epic heroism vs. I'm scared run away my opponent didn't see much humour.

He finally rolls his reserve in and deepstrike near my objective. Coteaz uses I've been expecting you and the unit brings the monstrous creature down to 1 wound thanks to two 6 to wound from boltguns (rending)
He shoots coteaz and kills a acolyte. His necron warriors shoot the champion unit killing 2 more.

Turn 5
Grey knights shoot and assault the necron warriors killing them all. Coteaz shoots the monstrous creature killing it.

The emperors finest ahnilate the enemy. I was pleased with the performance of all my units. However I still learned a lot.

I had taken advantage of warp quake and coteaz's ability although I still could of covered more of the more board if I had used combat squad. I was lucky the monolith scattered just in range of my justicar.

Back in the daemonhunter codex I used similar to tricks to peserve my costly units by spreading them out and denying LOS, these tricks are still useful even with a new codex. Meaning transports aren't always necessary.

Although the strike squad didn't appear to do much they made me feel confident in having a back up plan for either coteaz or the champion.

Thanks for reading and I Hope you enjoyed this post.

A big thankyou to the moderators for tweaking the site as I nearly lost this post accidently, but when I returned to the post my writing was still here. Thanks
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