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Post by Inquisitor Lord on Thu Oct 18, 2007 3:32 am

I am the admin of this site and welcome all from all corners of the world, this site has been built for grey knight fans and players has there dosent seem to be any about, why can space marines have one and the other races but we cant well now we have one.

I have been playing 40k since the space crusade days no lafing in the back row, and was always a eldar player for years but then found the mighty grey knights who i find are the most tactical race in 40k. You cant just march in or lawnmower with fire power you need tactics make sure the units support each other which makes for a beter game and more fun.

so welcome all and lets make this the best gk site on the net im still hireing for staff for art work and other postions

take care and welcome brothers of the world

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