1850pts of Chaos

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1850pts of Chaos

Post by Brother Ezekiel on Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:56 am

Sorcerer Balial: Power Armor,Force weapon,Mark of Slaanesh,Lash of Submission,Familiar,Warptime,Meltabombs,Frags = 150pts

CSM Squad(10) Ezekiel: Power Armor,Bolters,Bolt Pistols,CC-Weapons,Asp.Champ,Power Fist,IoCG,2x Melta,F&K Grenades = 220pts

CSM Squad(10) Chronos: Power Armor,Bolters,Bolt Pistols,CC-Weapons,Asp.Champ,Power Fist,IoCG,2x Plasma,F&K Grenades = 230pts

Rhino Wrathbringer: Smoke Launchers,Searchlight,Twin-linked Bolter,Combi-Plasma,Extra Armor,Dozer Blades = 65pts

Rhino Gorespiller: Smoke Launchers,Searchlight,Twin-linked Bolter,Combi-Plasma,Extra Armor = 60pts

Khorne Berzerkers Squad(9) Damian: Power Armor,F&k grenades,CC-weapons,Bolt Pistols,Skull Champ,Power Fist = 229pts

Land Raider Unstable Hatred: 2 Sponson mounted Twin-linked Lascannons,Smoke Launchers,Search light,Extra Armor,Twin-linked Heavy Bolter,Dozer Blades = 240pts

Chaos Predator Unleashed Fury: 2 Sponson mounted Lascannons, Twin-linked Lascannon, Extra Armor = 180pts

Terminator Squad(3) Icathan: Terminator Armor,Power Weapons,3x Combi-Melta,Mark of Tzeentch,3x Champions = 170pts

Obliterators(2) Pain&Regret: Power Fists,Obliterator Weapons = 150pts

Daemon Prince Hestain: Wings,CC-weapon,Mark of Slaanesh,Lash of Submission = 155pts

Total = 1849pts

Right-o here is the army list I'm going to use in the upcoming tournament. Now roll with me here,it's not a very powerful list, but it is the best I can manage at the moment, because I have started to paintstrip and repaint most of my army, so these are the ones that I have yet to paint strip or have allready repainted. Why does it make a difference? Because you can't enter the tourney unless you have a fully painted army, not just basecoat eather, has have detail painted, to whatever standard you can muster. Now 0 points if the army looks like crap, 1 if it's ok and 2 if it's amazing. I think I can get 1, but 2 is out of my reach at the moment. We'll have to see once I have all repainted.
So I know that most of you worship the rotten corpse on a golden throne and come here to spew naught, but Emporor bothering comments, but those of you who want can of course comment and tell me what you would do differently. And yes the units are a little stuffed full, but that is just because I want to be as close to the max 1850pts as possible.
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