1750 pt list for coming Battle of the Clubs

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1750 pt list for coming Battle of the Clubs

Post by Wbravenboer on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:42 pm

Right, in may I am going to participate in my first ever tournament, and I want to make a good impression Wink
At the moment I am testing the following list, a first practice battle ended in a solid win, but my opponent was not using his best list and we were both trying some things.

Librarian, The Summoning, Warp Rift, Sanctuary, Teleport Homer

3x Paladins, 2x Halberd, Brotherhood Banner

4x 6 Purifiers, 3x Halberds, Razorback (2x Las/Plas, 2x TL Las), Warp Stabilization Field.

2x Dreads, TL Autocannon, psybolts, Warp Stabilization Field

After reading the forum I understand that using the summoning with teleport homer does not have an extra effect, summoning is not the same as a Deep Striking unit, so they have to scatter. I will probably lose the Homer in that case.
In the battle we played Capture and Controle, the Librarian and Paladins Deep Strike (stroked?) behind the lines, and with Warp Rift the Libby blew up a Leman Russ, did very nice. They survived about 24 lasguns and a Hydra barrage and wiped out a 30-men platoon. I summoned a purifier squad with razorback, so they cleaned up the area.

I am not sure if I would change the list, but am thinking to remove two heavy weapons on the razorbacks and take some psycannons. The libby did good, but I could replace him with some extra boots on the ground? Advice, ideas?


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