2 inquiz GK army 1500 -

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2 inquiz GK army 1500 -

Post by radicalInquiz on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:51 am

Hi grey brothers!
i`m new to this forum and here is my 1st army of GK
check plz this list with 2 inquizitors!
i`m interested in how will inquizitor with show his power with 2 blades

Ordo Malleus Inquizitor with power sword+daemonblade+power armour+servo-skulls x2
Ordo Malleus Inquizitor with terminator armour+psycannon+psybolt ammo
Terminator squad (6 man) with 5 nemesis falchions+1 daemon hammer
4 Strike squad (6-6-6-5 man) with psycannon in each
Land Raider classic with searchlight Twisted Evil
3 Razorback with psybolt each
Dreadknight with heavy incinerator+greatsword

why inquiz with 2 blades? because interesting in daemonblade, but it`s pretty randomed, thats why 2nd power sword. and dont think that ranged weapon would be better
Seems balanced but need your opinion, brothers!)


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Re: 2 inquiz GK army 1500 -

Post by Aubec le noir on Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:24 am

welcome on board brother.
1 balanced mixed list imho, with 5 troops (which is good) and a good body count too.
i'm a little concerned about kill point scenarios though ... anihilation won't be you favorite choice i guess ! Wink Razz
i understand that you want to try the inquisitors ... try them, i think you'll have some fun ... but for nearly the same price you can Have a GM with grand strategy and grenades (and more punch ! Wink ) so ...
but i'm a puritain with full GK lists i must confess ! Razz Razz
Aubec pirat

la fuite n'est pas une option !
Aubec le noir
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