My 1000 point list (used in victory yesterday)

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My 1000 point list (used in victory yesterday)

Post by caidenlee on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:40 am

Yesterday I played a 2v2 pickup game at my local shop. My brother and I (Eldar and GKs) went up against Dark Eldar & Tau. Annihilation ended turn 5 us up one KP.

My list:

Ordo Malleus Inquistor (TA,DH,Psycannon)
Warrior Acolyte (Flamer)
Warrior Acolyte (Meltagun)
Warrior Acolyte (Boltgun)
Crusader x3

GKSS (5man) x2
1 Psycannon, Justicar with Hammer
+Razorback (TLHB+Psybolt)

GKIS (10man)
Justicar with Hammer, 2 psycannon +Psybolt

Dreadnought (TLACx2+Psybolt)

Eldar brought :Pathfinders,Striking Scorpions, 3 grav tanks, farseer guiding the Falcon.
DE brought: (2) Hermoculi dudes with venom blades+9wytchs each in raiders, group of kabalites (blast template,blast pistol,splinter cannons) +two venoms
Tau brought: 6 suits (including HQ) Two hammerheads, two devilfish with 5-6 fire warriors each.

It was a pretty close game, we gave up some early KPs by deploying to close going first on Dawn of War


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