Some Ideas for 1500 points

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Some Ideas for 1500 points

Post by Newtpow on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:35 pm

Hi Brothers,

After my first matches i m thinking to expand. So i played around with the online codex and want your comments. Rolling Eyes
I guess for 1500 i will face a lot more enemy firepower and also some elite badass stuff so i dont now what works.


Libby (sword,SB,5 abilitys) 175 p

10 paladins (4 psicannons, apo, banner, some MC goodness for WALO) 765 p

Venerable Dread 2AC psibolt 195 p

2 * 5 man GKSS (psicannon, hammer, Rb + psibolt) 2 * 170 p

Idea is to walk my paladins with Libby to the enemy. Dread plays second target. SS gets in for fire support from mid.
Here i dont know if walking is still playable at 1500 points. Rolling Eyes Transports for paladins are so expensive Neutral
I like paladins and that was the only way i could see them in 1500. other suggestions? Smile

Second for the day:

Mordrak + 5 Ghosts with bards 400 p

Libby (sword,SB, 5 abilitys) 175 p

6 Terminators (psicannon, MC hammer, rest bards) 270 p

5 Terminators (psicannon, MC hammer, bards) 230 p

2 * Stormraven (sync MM, sync Lascannon) 2 * 205 p

I like the idea of that first round. Command squad deepstrikes in. SR move up 24". Very high preasure. Dunno if that is enough for 1500. I m obviously low on bodys but would have only Termies which i like Very Happy
Any ideas? Maybe similar First Strike lists? Or is Mordrak not that good at competitive play? Rolling Eyes

Will post other lists later. I m hoping for good discussions Smile


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