1500 pt army, help/advice required brothers

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1500 pt army, help/advice required brothers

Post by matthewrisley on Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:56 pm

hello brothers,

i am new to this forum and to GK. i love their appearance and elite status.
i have only purchased one unit so far that being lord draigo, simply because of his story in the codex.
the problem i have is alot of the people i play with play the rule where you have to actually have on the units what you say you are using in the game. this means before i start buying and glueing my men i need to know exactly what i am having.

i was thinking something along the lines of:
lord draigo
terminator squad
strike squad
strike squad
land raider

as you can see i have not included the equipment because i dont know what to use. any ideas brothers, any advice would be great.


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