New League 1750: GK vs SW

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New League 1750: GK vs SW

Post by Rivan on Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:49 pm

My LGS started a new 6-week league last night. It is set at 1750 and you can change your list from week to week. Standings will be determined by Battle Point totals instead of Win-Loss records. Each game will involve 3 random missions (primary, secondary, tertiary) and 3 random bonus missions that allow both players to earn extra battle points.
Primary = 4 BP
Secondary = 3 BP
Tertiary = 2 BP
3 Bonus missions = 1 BP/each

So the maximum you can earn each game is 12 BP. If the result is a draw for a particular mission, the 2 players earn half of the BP (eg. draw for primary mission gives 2 BP to each player).

Seems like a lot to keep track of during the game but it does allow for very interesting tactical plays. At the least, it will challenge one's multi-tasking skills Razz

His list (from what I recall):
Runepriest w/ JOTWW, Tempest
WG (3-5 I think; 1 TH/SS, 1 PF, 1 PW, combi-meltas etc)
10 GH (banner, PF, melta); rhino
10 GH (same); rhino
15 BC (PF)
6 LF (5 ML); las/plas RB
6 LF (5 ML); las/plas RB
Typhoon LS

My list:
GM w/ rad, blind, psychostroke, 2 skulls
6 Paladins w/ 2 psycannons
Ven dread w/ 2 x TWLAC + psybolts
10 GKSS w/ 2 psycannons
7 Henchmen warband (6 DCAs, 1 mystic)
12 Henchmen warband (6 acolyts, 6 psykers); chimera
5 GKIS w/ incinerator

Our missions were:
Primary: Capture and control
Secondary: Seize Ground
Tertiary: King of the Hill (most scoring units within 6" of the center)
Bonus 1: Offense (kill half of your opponents starting KP)
Bonus 2: Six's (roll 3 six's in one set of dice rolls)
Bonus 3: VIP (kill opponent's VIP unit: at the start of the game, each player nominates any non-HQ units as a VIP unit)

Deployment was Spearhead. I win the roll off and give him first turn. I nominate my paladins as my VIP unit. He couldn't decide so he randomly rolled for his and made his typhoon LS his VIP unit (don't ask my why but I wasn't complaining Razz ). I roll for GS and get 3 units so the Pallies, ven dread and Interceptors all become scoring.

I'm just going to provide a synopsis with highlights but it was an enjoyable game that had a photo finish ending at Turn 7.
- The first 4 turns was really "weird" for lack of a better term because we each couldn't destroy anything Razz At the start of the 5th turn, we probably still had over 3,000pts worth of units combined on the table. We actually did more damage to ourselves by self-immobilizations and what not lol.
- As the game progressed, I anticipated that the game would be decided all the way down to the tertiary mission--control of the center of the board.
- The main event of the game was a mass assault for the center of the board. I was able to bait him into multi-charging my GM+paladins with his BC and a full 10-man GH unit. It was a risky move but I was relying on the counter-charge from my DCAs to turn the tide. It went rather well and according to my expectations (grenades doing their stuff and basically softening his units' charge potential) and when the DCAs joined the fray, I was able to clear him out of the center Smile
- His runepriest was a real pain because even though I made sure the ven dread was within range to support my units, he was able to consistently roll a 6 or lower for his offensive powers Evil or Very Mad Even worse, he was batting 80% in blocking my psychic powers with his 4+ thingy. That really sucked.
- I didn't realize how tough a ven dread could be with all those re-rolls. He took missile after missile (with a few lascannon shots thrown in) and at the end of the game, he was still alive with only 1 arm destroyed. He helped secure one of the missions for me cheers
- The psykers were a dismal failure this game and contributed absolutely nothing due to wide scatters. They eventually got shot to pieces and ran off the board.

Final results:
Primary: Draw (2 BP each)
Secondary: Draw (1.5 BP each)
Tertiary: GK win (2 BP for me)
Bonus 1: we both get it
Bonus 2: we both get it
Bonus 3: we both get it

GK = 8.5 BP
SW = 6.5 BP

Grey Knights win! cheers My unit of the game is my tough-as-nails venerable dread Smile

"Though we face the power of hell, and death is at our side, we fear not, for the Emperor is with us through it all. If we live, we live for the Emperor. If we die, we die for the Emperor. So whether we live or die, we are the Emperor's. We are Grey Knights and this is why we came to be." --Grandmaster Rivan

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." --Sun Tzu (from ancient Earth)

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Re: New League 1750: GK vs SW

Post by Aubec le noir on Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:02 am

cool battle between 2 top tiers armies. Happy you won brother
Aubec pirat

la fuite n'est pas une option !

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Re: New League 1750: GK vs SW

Post by flaxis on Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:38 am

GM Rivan,

Awesome report glad to hear you are doing so well, wish my LGS would run a league like the ones you play in.

Brother Flaxis


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Re: New League 1750: GK vs SW

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