1000-Grey Knight Army List (feel free to be critical)

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1000-Grey Knight Army List (feel free to be critical)

Post by Knightalious on Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:09 pm

This is my first army, i am new to Warhammer. BUT, that doesnt mean to go easy on me! Let me know where i need improvement and where my faults lay. Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks this will help me a ton.

OMI with daemon blade, hellrifle, power armor -63
OMI with daemon blade, hellrifle -55

Vindicare Assassin-145
2x 3 Servitor w/multi meltas (going with OMI) -60

2x 6 GK w/ psycannon, psybolt and Razorback w/ psybolt -400

Heavy Support-
2x Dread's w/ 2 autocannon and psybolt - 270

the total is 993

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Re: 1000-Grey Knight Army List (feel free to be critical)

Post by MJSwasey on Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:56 am

you are VERY VERY light on troops. very. you have 12 scoring models.

I'm curious to see how the vindicare works at low points. on one hand, he'll obliterate all hq's and sargeants cuz there wont be that many. On the other hand, he's a LOT of points for 1 shot per turn that can miss or not wound.

I don't think you need all that multimelta, especially when they're groups of 4 gaurdsmen type models and the opponent will just shoot them up (or crack their tank and shoot them up) I'd limit myself to one MM squad if any, and ALWAYS keep it in a transport, behind another transport. I might even switch it to 3 plasma cannons with a naked inquisitor in a chimera ( or 2 in a rhino).

Daemonblades are very cool and fluffy, but iin this list they dont do much. your 3 servitors and one Inquistor will lose combat to almost any standard unit in the game, so run the inquistor naked or shooty style.

TL, DR : drop some elites and some inquisitor upgrades for more troops, maybe terminators with psycannon (gives you CC and good shooting)?


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