1500pts all around list

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1500pts all around list

Post by Moric on Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:05 am

Greetings brothers
The following list has been tested and so far has 1 win and 1 tie with space wolves and 1 win with black templars

Strike Force Tartarus
HQ: Grand master Moric (rad grenades, psychic mastery 2, Master crafted halberd, digital weapons, melta bombs, 3 servo skulls)- 260pts
Brotherhood champion Nimier (digital weapons)- 105pts
Elite: Vindicare assasin The whisper 145pts
Heavy support: Purgation squad Artemis (5 brothers, 4 psycannons,psybolt ammunition)- 200pts
Dedicated transports: Rhino MoriVult 40pts
Razorback Infernus (psybolt ammunition)- 50pts
Troops:Strike squad Dessius (10 brothers,2 psycannons,6 halberds,2 daemonhammers,psybolt ammunition)- 290pts
Strike squad Thor (5 brothers,1 psycannon,3 halberds,1 daemonhammer,psybolt ammunition)- 155pts
Terminator squad Garro's Fury (5 brothers,1 pair of falchions,1 psycannon,2 halberds,psybolt ammunition)- 250pts

This sums up to 1495pts
Tactica: the grand master joins the termies and the brotherhood champion join the 5man strike squad, the 10 man squad go in the rhino and the other strike squad with the champ go in the razorback.
I use the purgation squad to make a firing base able to rain fire on the enemy should he choose to step in their control zone while i use the vindicare to lure a large portion of the enemy in dealing with him this leaves the main body of the enemy troop choices for my termies and the 10 man squad to assault, the 5man sqiad with the champ usually hunt the enemy HQ (if the vindicare didn't get them) or apply pressure where needed on the battle.

I didn't use dreads cause i want my force to be a force in accordance to fluff so that means no paladins, purifiers and dreads (these choices will be employed in larger scale battles mainly 2000pts + )

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Re: 1500pts all around list

Post by DOMIN4TRIX on Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:34 am

Your spending alot on Psybolt ammo - I would remove it from everything but the razorback and the 10 man squad. On a 5 man squad it probably isnt worth the points and on the purgation squad it is only helping the justicar!

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