GK and Orks. Indepth batrep.

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GK and Orks. Indepth batrep.

Post by sneakybert on Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:58 pm

This is the report of my GK vs orks @ 1000 points.
IN the grey corner weighing in at a tiny 23 models is my grey knights:

Liby, might of titan, vortex of doom
5 Purifiers 2 psycannons, 3 halberds
5GKT with 4halberds, 1 DH, and a psycannon
10GK with 2 psy cannons, 2DH
psyfle dread

In the green corner weighing in at a comparativley huge 50ish models is the orks:

Big mek, Klaw, force field
3 bikes
boyz with a klaw nob in a trukk X3
deff dread with 4 klaws

His army was basicaly a battalion and some other bits, and we decided that rather than a conventional mission we would just fight it out and then who ever was in controll of a central hill would win the game. aptly dubbed king of the hill.
Deployment for him was everything pointing at the hill exept bikes on a flank and lootas in a ruin, for me it was termies and liby in reserve, dreadnought at the back with transports pointing at the hill.

he won the first turn and what a surprise- ran all his units toward the hill and boosted the bikes around the flank toward my dreadnought, in shooting, he managed to miss alot with lootas.
In my first turn i moved the transports foward, but slow enough so that they could shoot, i shot the razorback's heavy bolters at a trukk, and i destroyed its shoota, then took out 2/3 bikers with the dreadnought.

In his second turn, he moved his last biker, the one with a klaw, at my dread, and moved up too the hill before disembarking one unit and speeding the others,(still in the trukks) onto the hill while his dread trailed behind. In his shooting he wrecked a rhino and otherwise did a good amount of missing Very Happy with lootas.
In my turn i DS the termies and liby onto the flank with the bike, then moved up the strike squad that had been in the rhino. Then I move up the razorback (combat speed) and disembark purifiers. In shooting i shot his bike with terminators and kill it, shoot the dread with the psyfle and destroy an arm. and wrek a trukk with heavy bolters. I tried to kill another with purifiers but his force field saved him.

Turn 3 he disembarks all ork boyz streight away and moves them up, also the deff dread isnt far behind. in his shooting, both trukks shoot at purifiers aswell as some orks with pistols, orks miss alot but the trukks kill one. lootas shoot at strike squad and kill one. he then assaults my purifiers with a unit of orks so i cleanse them Twisted Evil kill half with the cleanse, then kill all but two (one with klaw Shocked ) with halberds. with his charge attacks etc. he kills none with the standard guy but kills one with the Klaw. He keeps in the fight because of bosspole.
My turn i move termies and gkss toward the action on the hill, in shooting my librarian blows the deff dread with vortex of doom Twisted Evil and the strike squad shot the big mek's ork unit and only killed a couple.(Darn force field) In assault i wiped the remenants of the ork boyz with the 3 remaining purifiers

Turn 4- its all kicking off.
He moves the mek/ork unit toward termies, the the other ork unit toward remaining purifiers, then shoots trukks/lootas at the strike squad and kills another 3 thanks to good rolls with lootas. pistols do nothing to purifiers and termies before they are assaulted. Once again cleansing flame kills of half the boyz but with only 3 purifiers they take only 2 casualties then wipe me out. With the terminator assault i cast might of titan and hammerhand Twisted Evil resulting in me destroying all but the mek and the klaw Mad again! so with his 8 klaw attacks he kills 3 terminators. he stays in the fight with extreme courage.
in my turn i move the 6 remaining GK towards the boyz that wiped the purifiers and shot the with both GK and psyfle units whic resulted in them being wiped out. in assault i killed the nob and wounded the big mek, who returned the favour by killing the two remaining terminators, leaving our Hqs in an epic duel to the death. one which i wasnt confident about.

Turn 5- finishing eachother off.
as his only remaining units where 2 trukks, big mek and lootas he was forced to fight for a draw. he shot everything at the GKSS with an un orkishly good amount of hits. Fortunatley for me i made a few saves so the unit was reduced to 3 and i passed the panick test for 25% casualties. on the assault my librarian killed the mek with hammerhand (i wasnt sure if i was allowed to cast vortex of doom in combat scratch ) resulting in little for me to do in my turn exept shoot at the lootas and trukks.
My turn. psyfle shoots at trukks, as do remaining Gkss so that they dont contest the hill. i kill both with psycannons and psyfle
Victory for me but by no means a massacre, if the dread haddnt have been shot down it might have turned out different.

what i have learned-
my army list is reasonably good in most areas
Watch out for Klaws!!!

Hoped you enjoyed.


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Re: GK and Orks. Indepth batrep.

Post by Aubec le noir on Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:55 am

happy you enjoyed the fight !! i do heve enjoyed the batrep !! cheers
i see that our "elit" army can win against ork hordes ... it's reassuring Razz
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Re: GK and Orks. Indepth batrep.

Post by DonFer on Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:46 am

Great batrep, that'll teach the orks not to be so ...orkish... Razz


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Re: GK and Orks. Indepth batrep.

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