Gk 1500pts

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Gk 1500pts

Post by FailStyle_HQ_ on Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:25 am

Inquisitor Coteaz(100)

Xenos Inquisitor(69)
-Rad granades
-3x servo skulls
-Psyker(ML 1)

(10) Grey Knight Strike Squad(275)
-2 psycannons
-1 MC Nemesis Daemon Hammer
-Psybolt ammunition

First Henchmen Warband(220)
3x servitor with plasma cannon
7x psyker
1x jokearo weaponsmith
-mounted in Chimera
(coteaz will join them)

Second Henchmen Warband(175)
5x DCA
4x Crusaded
-mounted in Rhino
(Xenos will join them)

Third Henchmen Warband(60)
12x Warrior Acolyte
-12 Boltgun

5x paladin(315)
-halberd + storm bolter
-sword + storm bolter
-daemonhammer + storm bolter
-halberd + psycannon
-sword + psycannon

---Heavy Support---



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Re: Gk 1500pts

Post by GMKDynamis on Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:50 pm

Nice balance of Inq and GK's. That's what we need a unified front! I like the 1st warband: 7XPsyker 36" S10 AP1 assault(who says we don't have a vindicator?). Can you trust 3 servitors BS3? Their like a pinball machine with one paddle at 50-50 chance of hitting. For 60pts, try 3X psykers in the 2nd warband on assault to soften up at S6 AP3 and gives you 30pts to play with. scratch

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