H: Eldar/IG/SM/Blood angels W: Blood angel/SM/$/GK

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H: Eldar/IG/SM/Blood angels W: Blood angel/SM/$/GK

Post by Tophawtdog4411 on Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:40 pm


Got a lot of stuff willing to trade/sell. Im looking for Blood angels, space marine stuff, money and possibly some grey knights stuff if you make it worth my while


Lord asurmen

Lord Baharroth

Lord Fuegen

4 warlocks

farseer (possibly, have to double check)

couple striking scorpions

couple banshees

Swooping hawks

War walker

Imperial guard

Col. Schaffer and retinue OOP ( i think )

lot of catachan heavy flamers/ demoliton dudes

commisar w/ lasgun and laspistol (kinda looks like hitler)

4 grenade launcher catachan women OOP for sure

Space Marines

Rhino (oop and painted red)

x7 legion of the damned w/ heavy bolter, plasmagun, flamer and x2 combi weapons OOP

Blood Angels

Baal predator w/ no twin-linked assault cannon (poor shape, perfect ork veichle) OOP

Predator w/ lascannon turret and mis mash of side weapons ( same as above) OOP

if you are playing orks and using the above as looted veichles ill throw in some guns and looted weapons and stuff etc.


throw me some offers

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