Other list i'm building (much more generic) 1750

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Other list i'm building (much more generic) 1750

Post by Corennus on Thu May 19, 2011 3:28 am

While my other GK army features Land Raiders, Dreadknights, Henchmen squads it's lacking the thing that I have a lot of sitting on my painting board. Terminators.

When I took my GK terminator squad up against a normal Ultramarine terminator squad in last game I was singularly unimpressed with them. They had over 25 attacks on the charge and managed to only wound a single enemy model (which passed its invulnerable save). Then I had to watch as the Ultramarine Powerfists went to work and took apart my fragile 5+ inv save Terminators in one round.
How to stop this happening?
Well I could give up on going into combat against terminators for one thing.......but I expected WAY more of these guys.
What to do......Grand Master and Paladins? yeah that could work. Brother Captain with Psychotroke Grenades and Paladins.....even nicer....
LIBRARIAN and Paladins.....they could have Str 7 Nemesis Weapons....NICE. or Str 6 and I10

Now what happened last time in my game was a terminator got taken out by bolter fire from an Ultramarine tactical squad before it could get into combat.....whereas my Black Templar army sailed through surviving bolter fire due to Feel No Pain. So a Paladin squad with an Apothecary...expensive but I think worth it...

Psycannons on Terminator squads are cool. 8 Str 7 rending shots? yes please i'll take that.

What else?

hmmm well strike squads work best in rhinos. Maxed out with 2 psycannons they can move up the field and blast away. They took out a lot of transports last time...and with Rhinos casting Fortitude they can stand some punishment. BUT if only the terminators are deep striking then the strike squads lose some of their surprise...

What else....

Psychic Communion is needed to bring the terminators in sooner, so an inquisitor....
Ordo Malleus with hellrifle...but he'd have to be on his own. not good odds for survival. Give him a techmarine who can bolster a ruin to a better cover save and give that techmarine Orbital Strike.......Anti-Tank is done!



Nemesis Warding Stave (in CC I want him to stay alive!)
Quicksilver (I10 in CC? Yes please. Bye Bye Lelith Hesperax and other high Initiative people)
Might of Titan (added with hammerhand ? yes please)
Sanctuary (assault if you can!)
The Shrouding (4+ cover save becomes 3+? thank you very much)
Warp Rift (point, fire, reload. bye bye)

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Hellrifle (you're not in terminator armour? oh dear bye bye)
Power Armour
Force Sword & Psychic Communion
Servo Skull


Paladin Squad (7 man)
X 6 Nemesis Force Swords (4+ inv saves!)
X 1 Daemonhammer (Str 10 w/ Hammerhand! Autopen vehicles. ID anything under T5
Apothecary (thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!)

Orbital Strike Relay (Every turn bring the rain)
X 3 Servo Skulls (make sure the rain falls where it's meant to)

Inquisitorial Henchman Squad (12 man)
Jokaeros x 2
Multi-Melta Servitors x 3
Psykers x 7


Strike Squad (10 man)
X 2 Psycannons (dakkadakkadakkadakkadakkada)
X 8 Nemesis Swords

Strike Squad (10 man)
X 2 Psycannons
X 8 Nemesis Swords

Strike Squad (10 man)
X 2 Psycannons
X 8 Nemesis Swords


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