750 points all-comers list

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750 points all-comers list

Post by Tiberius on Sun May 15, 2011 5:20 am

Very well brothers, the time has come for me to compose what will be my first played list with our new arsenal.

I will be playing 750pts. games against foes so numerous that one cannot easily estimate what lies in store for my contingent of knights. Hence, I'm looking for something flexible, able to take on a variety of armies and still stand a chance. What I've opted for is a mobile force with enough hitting-power against most foes.

Ordo Doesnotmatter Inquisitor
- No upgrades
25 pts.

Terminator Squad, 10 bodies
- Justicar and 7 Knights carry NFHs
- 2 Knights carry NFDHs
400 pts. total

Strike Squad, 5 bodies
- Justicar and 2 Knights carry NFH, 15 pts.
- 1 Knight carries a NFDH, 10 pts.
- 1 Knight carries a Psycannon, 10 pts.
-- Razorback Transport 45 pts.
---Psybolt Ammunition 5 pts.
185 pts. total

-Heavy Support-
Psyfleman Dreadnought
- TL Autocannon 10 pts.
- TL Autocannon 5 pts.
- Psybolt Ammunition 5 pts.
135 pts. total

-Pts. Total-
745 pts.

And that's where I'm at currently. The Dreadnought and my PAGKS+Inquisitor (next to their Razorback) set up at any objective(s) in my deployment zone while my combat squad Terminators prepare to deep strike behind the enemy to ravage their lines to claim any objective they may hold. Warp Quake allows me to keep enemy deep strikers at bay, and the Razorback can be sacrificed and placed in between my PAGKs and the enemies line of fire should they be at risk. The 'nought aims to pop enemy vehicles or monstrous creatures early on, after which he can be used to contest nearby objectives should it be required.

In the case of an annihilation mission, the PAGKs would instead race forward in their transport while suppressing fire is laid down by the 'nought to pop though units early on, and depending on the enemy I will consider not splitting the Terminators in order to create a death star unit which would surely gain much attention. An interesting thought is that of letting my inquisitor remain in my deployment zone behind cover, simply standing there until the end of the game. He would be preferable to have in my Razorback, but if this could cause my enemy to dedicate a unit to hunt him down it might very well be worth it, since it would lessen the strain upon the rest of my force.

Now I turn to you, brothers of Titan: Do you have further suggestions?

PS. Do note that while the 5 spare points could be filled, I've left them out for now because this means I can draw upon my Land Raiders and turn this into a 1000 points beauty in the blink of an eye. The question stands though... Godhammer or Crusader?

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Re: 750 points all-comers list

Post by Zealadin on Sun May 15, 2011 7:56 am

I would probably say that two relentless psycannons are a must on the gkt, some opponents you wont or can't DS onto/near. You are also very light on bodies despite the gkt.
Main issues I see is your razor is your only advancing a single vehicle, and not enough psycanons
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