1k teams list

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1k teams list

Post by nevek on Sat Apr 09, 2011 3:17 am

me and my gf are gonna go to a teams tournament at our local game shop

anyways she plays daemons and i got my greyhunters...if your wanting fluff i though of that...tzeetch casts a spell on the daemons to make them look like an allied race of the greyhunters...with battles going on everywhere the greyknights can sense the daemons and team up with there allies to go kill them...all the while tzeetch laughs at the show

her list

1 greater daemon of khorn with blessing of the blood god,unholy might,and death strike
15 pink horrors in 3 5 man groups
5 bloodletters
1 daemon prince with mark of slaanesh,iron hide,unholy might,daemonic gaze
1 daemon prince with mark of khorne,wings.blessing of the blood god,unholy might, iron hide

my list

1 librarian with warding staff,summoning power,teleport homer,3 servo skulls (for the daemons to deepsrike in on first turn),santuary
1 paladin with daemon hammer
10 strike squad with 2 psycannons,1 daemon hammer
10 strike squad with 2 psycannons
1 landraider crusader with multi melta and warp stabilization field

plan of attack is that the daemons use the servo skulls to accuarately deepstrike in
i move my land raider crusader up with the librarian and the 10 man strike squad with hammer up
the other squad moves up to provide some fire power

the homer is there so i can either summon up my other squad if i need the fire power elsewhere or if the landraider become immobilized and out of range for anything else

the paladin is there to be summoned up so i can use holocost on a horde group... or to get him closer to a vehicle i want killed

well let me know what u think or any changes that can happen


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Re: 1k teams list

Post by Spartan on Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:35 pm

Check your Tourny rules as they may not allow those 2 armies to play together.

As for your 1k list.

Lib - Ditch the staff you really dont want your Lib doing too much front line stuff. Check the codex as I don't think he can take a homer. Powers I would take are Sanctuary, Shrouding Warp Rift and Might of Titan. Skulls are a good idea if you are going to be deep striking things.

Lose the paldin take a Daemon hammer in both squads and a rhino each.

Drop the LR and put in some Dreads for anti armour I like Psyfledreads.
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