Klomsters mechanicus codex.


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Klomsters mechanicus codex.

Post by Klomster on Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:59 am

Hello, i just wanted to say that a wip version of my mechanics codex is avaviable for download.

The version is not finished though and has some balancing issues. Something i am going to work on.

What i would like is some people to download it, check it out, maybe playtest and perhaps someone who is good with art or know some free mechanicus art i can use.

I have disclaimers in the end of the codex (not very good ones, i will need to update those.) And i in no way expect any kind of profit (except glory and appretiation Razz)

So feel free to try it out, i tried the DL site too so it's fine.
(Just press the right buttons.)

uploading.com Mechanicus%2Bcodex%2B001.pdf/
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