Eisenhorn fanart- Nausaden

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Eisenhorn fanart- Nausaden

Post by Nausaden on Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:37 am


I was sketching up characters from the acclaimed Eisenhorn omnibus by Dan Abnett, and even though I am not very satisfied with it and its very messy I thought a lot of my Grey Knight brethren would get a kick out of it Smile

I was very frustrated with a lot of the drawing; as I had no source of reference I basically had to draw from my head. While some characters find traits based of actors *whenever I thought of Harlon Nayl I thought of Vin Diesel Razz* most are scribbled out of my head and I really don't do any of them justice. I'd describe this work as how I draw on an off day, and I hope my "groove" so to speak returns soon.

Please let me know what you think of the characters and how I portrayed them; and what you think of the Eisenhorn/Ravenor series in full Very Happy My personal favorite drawing I did was Tobias Maxilla, the rouge trader/merchant cheers I'll give points if anyone can guess what inspiration I took to draw him as such. Hint: He's from a videogame!

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