1850 tourney report

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1850 tourney report

Post by Titus on Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:33 am

*Brother Captain Vitus- Psychic Hood, Icon of the Just, Auspex, Hammerhand Terminator retinue(3 term)- Psycannon
*Terminator Squad(3 term)- BC Psycannon, psycannon
*Inquisitor Nyxos- Power Armor, Psycannon, Auspex, Targeter, Emperor’s Tarot,
2 Mystics,
2 heavy bolter and 1 Plasma cannon,
Chimera ‘Eternal Faith’- Multilas, heavy flamer
*PA Grey Knight Squad(7)- Psycannon, targeter
*Grey knight Squad(7)- Psycannon, targeter
*Grey knight Squad(6)- targeter
*Master Knight Agustus(Dread)- Plasma cannon, Incinerator
*Brother Paladin Darius(dread)- Twin Linked Lascannon, Missle launcher
*Brother Paladin Mateus(Dread)- Twin Linked Lascannon, Missle Launcher

Game 1- Objectives- 1.control terrain, 2.Kill points, 3.Destroy all opponents Hvy, EL, FA units.

VS Imperial guard- lots of Vet squads in chimeras with 3x meltaguns, 2 vendettas with 3xtl las, 2 manticores, 2 Medusa, Bane wolf, psyker squad, WH inquisitor

Expected result, lots of high strength template shots at troops and vendetta LC fire at Dreads. only went 4 turns and at end he controlled more terrain, and got more kill points. Win to the Guard 2-0 points.
Game 2- Objectives- 1.Kill points, 2.Destroy most expensive unit, 3.Destroy all troops

VS- Space Wolves- dread, skyclaws, longfangs w/razorLas, vindicator, Bloodclaws w/rhino, 2x grey hunters (1 w/drop pod), scouts, wolfguard(4), wolf priest, WG Battle leader with jump pack.

Played 5 turns, it was a close game all the way. i was able to use cover to my advantage alot and let him come to me while shooting the crap out of him. Some of his rolls were bad and so were mine. We both destroyed the others most expensive units. He gained one more kill point than me. Final score his favor 2-1. So a loss to me.

Game 3- Objectives 1.Kill points, 2.Objective Markers, 3. Control center of field

VS- DAEMONS!- Bloodthirster, skulltaker, Herald of khorne, flesh hounds, bloodcrushers, soulgrinder, Tzeench deamon prince, 2x bloodletters

I hadnt actually played against the new deamon codex before and my opponent hadn't played against GK before. Little different than i thought. After explaining my army rules and such 3 times we played. He was good at using cover so my Psycannons rules didnt matter so much. I opened up with dread las and missle into the soulgrinder for three turns before immobilising it. His deployment deepstrikes were always just outside of my 4d6 rolls and his bloodcrushers mishapped letting me ppace them in the extreme far corner, they never made it to combat. we played for 4 turns and when it was all said and done i sat on 2 objectives while he sat on 1. I also gained 1 more Kill point than him. Final score my win 2-0.

My insights- 1. Shrouding didnt do anything for me. Rolling Eyes 2. Dreads die easy. Mad 3. My mystics didnt do anything at all not did the tarot i should have spent those points elswhere. 4. Invulnerable negation by psycannons dont really matter when most deamons have either armor or cover saves. Sad 5. GK always die as easy as any other marine. Evil or Very Mad 6. New codex will be awesome! cheers
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Re: 1850 tourney report

Post by Rivan on Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:48 am

Good batreps! Razz

PS. That's why I opt for a smaller force but using dual LR's. Tougher than dreads and can protect my squads too Razz

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