Grey Knights vs. Orks 1000 Pts.

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Grey Knights vs. Orks 1000 Pts.

Post by elugin on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:38 pm

This has been my first battle in one year, first using GK in four years ( silent that long...) against a friend of mine. He usually plays Tau, but since he comes from 500 kilometers away I gave him my orks.
We did not have much time and our rulebooks were rather rusted, so we decided to go for 1000 Pts.

My army:

GrandMaster with holocaust and psycannon
+ 4 termies (with incinerator)

2 x 5 GK (with frag bombs)

1 LR Crusader

Simple tactics, let the orks come close enough, fill them with lead (or burn them), charge and finish what is left.

The ork army (my friend wanted an easy army, something like, run and charge)

Warboss with mega armour and cybork body
+ 5 bosses (with megaarmour) + trukk (red, of course)

20 gretchins

15 plain boyz + boss (with claw)
15 hard onez + boss (with claw)

7 Stormboyz + boos (with claw)

1 Dread (4 melee weapons)

Here is a pic of the table (with my brand new orkish barricades):

Ruins are regular terrain, only 4+ cover save, everything else is regular terrain 5+ cover safe, except for the trees (area difficult terrain 5+ cover)

Mission is spearhead, annihilation. I win the first turn and deploy according to my plan, next to one corner, using barricades and ruins for cover. The orks deploy on the opposite corner, but here comes the Tau player, and his troops are just too far away, only looking for cover from my bolters. Actually, that's something I realized after the game, or else I would have warned him about being too far away.

First turn, I move the LR out of cover and wait for him to come close enough. Only the GM Psycannon is in range, and manages to kill one gretchin (not something to be proud of).

My friend is worried about the LR, and rushes the the trukk with all the bosses against it, hoping for easy victory points (with all those power claws it easy to believe). The dread runs after the trukk. The gretching move forward giving cover to the boyz. The stormboyz and the hard onez split from the main army and begin a long march around the table, from cover to cover. Here my friend begins with an infinite series of 1's and 2's for his "run" rolls, really impressive bad luck that keeps on going for almost all the game.

Turn 2: a good shot from the psycannon hits the trukk. It blows up, killing two boyz nearby, I stop worrying about the bosses (now slowly marching) and keep waiting for the green horde.

Turn 3: nothing happens, except that I forget where the potm rules are mentioned on the codex, so I give up using that rule (I didn't feel right using one rule that I could not find) and the LR was sitting idle.

Turn 4: The orks are close enough. The dread resists the assault cannon fire. My termies and one gk squad fire at the stormboyz: 5 boyz die and want to run away, their boss has a different idea, uses his pole to impale one of the two cowards, and the other one agrees to stay. The LR moves back, without the potms, and with the bosses + dread in charge range it's too risky to stay and shoot.

The orks keep on running (slowly) ready for the bloodshed.

At the beginning of turn 5 I finally move:

Termies shoot and charge the gretchins, squad one shoots at the stormboyz (the boss, survives at 5 wounds with a 4+ save but runs away), squad 2 kills 2 regular boyz. A few of the gretchins survive, but decide to give up, the termies consolidate moving 6" (lucky me) back. All the orks run towards me (this time all 5 and 6 to run), getting ready for the massacre.

But a lucky 1 puts an end to the game... just in time for a 3-0 victory.

Not an exciting game, because of the bad running by the ork side (he wasted at least one round of melee due to poor rolling). Anyway I decided to share it with you for two reasons: it was my first game in a loong looong time, and because we finally know that on April we will have our new codex cheers

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Re: Grey Knights vs. Orks 1000 Pts.

Post by Rivan on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:48 pm

Gratz on the win!!

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Re: Grey Knights vs. Orks 1000 Pts.

Post by NemesisForce on Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:51 pm

Congrats and well-played. The PotMS rules aren't in the dex but can be found in the FAQ here:

It'll be in the dex come April though. Smile


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Re: Grey Knights vs. Orks 1000 Pts.

Post by Spartan on Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:03 am

Gz on the win

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Re: Grey Knights vs. Orks 1000 Pts.

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