1500 Grey Knight Strike Force

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1500 Grey Knight Strike Force

Post by DarkRonin on Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:52 pm

Well I've already played a few 15k point games already and have some variations on the lists that I use, most of which it comes to down how both me and my friend (who plays CSM) decided to play larger games in urban environments. These lists also translated well into normal games, but I'd like honest opinions and critiques on the lists that are presented here.

List 1)

HQ - Brother Captain Stern w/ 6x GKT Retinue - Incinerator and Holocaust
2x Troops - 9x man PAGK Squad - 1x Psycannon, 1x Incinerator, Melta bombs, frags, targeter, auspex
3x Heavy Support - Grey Knight Dreadnought - TLLC, DCCW w/ Incinerator, Extra Armor, Smoke Launcher

I've used this list a few times and I actually enjoyed it, Stern killed off a Chaos Terminator Lord with Blissgiver w/o a problem, and made a variation of this list with dual raiders to play against a Space Wolves player (Which did very well).

List 2)
HQ - GKGM w/ 5x GKT Retinue - Icon, Sacred Incense, Grimoire, Incinerator (GKT), Holocaust (GKT)

The only difference after this really is that the PAGK squads don't have an Auspex, and that's it. And after testing, and finally meeting a daemon in CC, I noticed how nice Grimoire really is, but it comes back to situation, such as, is it really worth having just to easily kill a squad of possessed when there are no other Daemons on the table?

List 3)
HQ - GKGM w/ 5x GKT Retinue - Icon, MC-NFW, Sacred Incense, 2x Incinerators (GM/GKT)

The rest of the list was the same as the 2nd list. In this one, I used it only once, but only because my opponent, a Tyranid player down at the club I play at, was very much apprehensive about playing against a Triple Raider list at about 1750 Points, but after finally settling down for about 1500 and said I would use Dreads instead, I went with this variation as well. This GM of course had a city environment in mind when I made him (minus the fact that the Incinerator was the last "Iconic" Grey Knight weapon of choice) and I wanted to give him a test run and see how well he performs. He did very well, here, only using his Incinerator twice though, but both times, it earned its points back, and even on his own, he bested Genestealers in CC (was assaulted and didn't get to roast them, but he did roast the other Genestealer squad after finishing off the bugs).

Though, with all the monsters and genestealers that were there, I wished that I had some missile launchers on my dreads instead of the incinerator. Would have taken out monsters a lot sooner then.

Well those are some of my builds along with some of my experiences with them and the thoughts on how I could probably have expanded upon them. I know that their isn't really a Raider in sight here, but each has done well without one, and has been successful to some degree.

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Re: 1500 Grey Knight Strike Force

Post by Aubec le noir on Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:24 am

imho 2 troops is too short... 3 troops of 6 (7 with some changes) is better
and no vehicle is another weakness that could use your opponent
grimoire is paramount against deamons , but only against them so you can maybe use the points elsewhere (maybe in your troops)
but if you enjoy playing this list and if you play it well ... keep it and kick CSM asses everytime you want ! Razz Wink
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