First Pure GK List

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First Pure GK List

Post by Darkensi on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:31 pm

Someone please tell me how this looks for an all comers list. I have also just come into possession of one more termie and two more termies with psycannons from my local trade day and considering how to use them. I have also come into possession of two Hector Rex's and thinking about painting up one as GKGM and one as IQ Lord or trading one and painting the other as GKGM. Please let me know your thoughts and weaknesses that you see. I should probably also mention I picked Crusader because I can either DS my Elites and transport my inci squad in it or I can transport my Elites and leap frog my other squads.

Brother Captain

BC, 3x Term, 1x TH/SS

Just, 4x PAGK, 2x PAGK w/ Incin

Just, 4x PAGK, 2x PAGK w/ Psy, Targeter

Just, 4x PAGK, Targeter

2x GK Dread TLLC,DCCW, H.Flamer


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Re: First Pure GK List

Post by Rivan on Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:27 pm

That's a pretty solid list. I like it. Let us know how it does for you Very Happy

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