Mind-wiped barbarian shamans.

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Mind-wiped barbarian shamans.

Post by Klomster on Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:22 am

It's a fascinating fact.

No matter how noble we act, or how many deamons we slay, whatever the equipment we bring and whatever prayer we word.

We are still feudal barbarian shamans who's old mind has been removed.

It's just a fun fact, whilst other have their warrior traditions which to let a neophyte enter their brotherhood, or even a test of intelligence.
The most badass barbarian shamans in the imperium is brought to titan to test their incorruptibility, few succed to become the most badass barbarians in 40k, silver armour and deamon-spanking gear galore!

Disagree if you like, but it's in the fluff Razz
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